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More Shoes!!!

August 14, 2008

First off, I would like to thank the lovely Entirely Official for being the inspiration for my latest purchase.


After looking at my chosen shoe to buy this week, I decided that I needed to get something that wasn’t so…grey.  After doing some browsing around, I happened upon this post and set out to get myself some “shooties.”  How trendy.

I checked over at which led me over to Steve where I found a BEAUTIFUL pair that I nearly started drooling over:

The only thing is…(sigh)…they’re not available until October 22nd.  I can’t wait that long.  I was denied two purchases earlier in the day from a store that I’m completely obsessed with (more on that later), and I wanted NEEDED something that I could have my hands on within a week’s time.  On I searched.

(Note: I also thought it was extremely whack that these $129 shoes have a synthetic upper.  For shame Steve!  I’m hoping that is a misprint.)

After spending some time at SM, I found the shoes that Entirely Official was wearing in the post.  “Cute!” I thought.  “These would look great with my (fill in with about half of my wardrobe).”

I got ready to take the plunge and then my brain switched into frugal mode.  Ugh.

“I/V, you KNOW you can get something like that for cheaper.  You have student loans to pay back and these little here-and-there shopping sprees aren’t going to make paying that off any easier.”

Again…Ugh.  Knowing that I should defer to my financially reasonable side, I trolled over to and saw a pair that looked ever so familiar for under $50.  Nice.

Sure they aren’t as sexy looking, but they’re good enough and the price was nice indeed.  So nice that I convinced myself that I deserved another pair for being so diligent at finding a look for less.  As a reward, I got these as well (also under $50!):

The way I see it, I’m never going to spend the same kind of money on something trendy that I would on a classic/ a staple/ a pair of good jeans.  I may even forgo most of the opportunties to wear either of these in favor of something of the Chuck Taylor variety.  Knowing this, I have resolved that buying a look-alike suits me just fine.  I could never justify anything else.  At least not until I get that ever-elusive job of my dreams that pays me way too much money.

It could happen!

Until then, I’ll be parading around in my new kicks.  And if I happen to run them into the ground, I’ll be paying Mr. Madden a visit.  In October.  When those other shooties make themselves available.

*giggle* Shooties *giggle*

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