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Going Downtown…

August 15, 2008

Last night, I discovered that the Downtown Los Angeles I thought I knew had much more going on than smells of urine, scary dark alleys, and throngs of homeless people.

Mind you, those things are still there, but every second Thursday of the month, there’s a great reason to walk the streets.  Meet the Downtown Art Walk.

Basically, it’s a self guided walking tour of all of the galleries, museums, weird locations (read: a Penske truck) and general sidewalks filled with work done by local artists.  Everything you can imagine is included – modern, conceptual, confusing, and the seemingly non-sensical.  And it’s all free.   Even the Solo cups of various bottled and boxed wines and plates of crackers and cheese.  I must have gone through 15 or more different galleries up and down Main Street.  And the Museum of Neon Art for good measure.

If you get hungry, there are tons of places to eat.  There’s a great little Vietnamese restaurant on Main street right in the thick of the action (IMO, between 6th and 4th Streets), and you may catch some live art while you eat.  Very cool.  These two guys were doing portraits of people – one was timed at 9:08.  It was amazing to watch them work.

I wish I took pictures while I was down there.  There was so much to see and tons of people.  Eh, maybe next time.

My blog’s new home is up; you should go there.

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