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The Concrete Jungle

August 20, 2008

I’ve been feeling kind of “eehhhhh” lately, so today was the day that I dressed to match my mood.  Call it being influenced by too much Discovery Channel and National Geographic (along with general malaise about my job and massive debt…eww), but grey leopard was heavy on the brain.

I got my cutout oxfords last night and was intent on wearing them today, especially since they fit so well into my theme.  The rest I kinda had to wing because I was running late…per usual.  When this happens, jeans and a shirt are my go-to pieces (diversity in outfit has been a long time in the making for me…)  Anyway, the scarf was added because I was looking a little bit too plain and depressed.  I think I did my muse a solid one today.

I have to say, I really dig these shoes.  They’re comfortable, interesting, and the phrase “fairy tales are true” is written on a tag on the inside.  Too cute!  My best friend said I reminded her of the Munchkins and asked me to sing the Lollipop Guild song.  I thought it was a rather nice compliment.  LOL.

Shirt & Shoes: Urban Outfitters + Jeans: Refuge + Scarf: Thrifted

OH!!! I redecorated!  I’m really digging this new layout and header (by yours truly, of course).  I can’t remember what I was thinking about or doing in that picture, but whatever it was, it was probably intense.  LOL.  I hope you like!

My blog’s new home is up; you should go there.

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