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Did I Do Thaaaaaaat?

September 17, 2008

Hmm, another cold-morphing-into-hot-as-hell-day today.  How uninteresting and typical.  I should really be celebrating this good weather since so many others aren’t so fortunate right now.

*empathy pause*

I’m not in too good a mood right now because dudeguy and I got in a bullshit fight – he finally got to feel how it is to be me in an argument (read: the shoe was on the other foot).  Men are strange creatures.  Very strange.  He’s mad right now.  I’m not.  Oh well.

For some reason, I feel like Urkel today…minus the suspenders, long sleeved shirt, and glasses chain.

Shirt: Thrifted

Bowtie: Vintage via eBay

Jeans: American Apparel

Shoes: Payless

Oh wait!  I has a happy!!! My Nine West boots just came (thank for free overnight shipping!).  I love them because they have made me glad.  Blasphemy at its finest, maybe, but these boots are niiiiiiiiiiice.

And as much as I love these purple shoes, I may have to let them go because the size lied and they are choking the life out of my toes.  If anyone wears a 7.5, be my guest.

My blog’s new home is up; you should go there.

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  1. September 18, 2008 7:31 am

    LOVING the yellow top on you! And your hair looks absolutely fabulous.
    Sucks that you have to give up those shoes, they’re totally killer.

  2. September 18, 2008 10:41 am

    oh i LOVE this!!! i think this may be one of my fav outfits on you.

    so cute.

    and the bowtie… very erkel chic. lolol.

    the pants are darling too.

    i have humongo feet. try finding cute shoes in a 10 all the dang time! lol.

  3. ceecee permalink
    September 18, 2008 5:17 pm

    i’m a 7.5 and as much as i’d love to take these off your hands feet, i’m skeptical about payless

  4. September 18, 2008 6:29 pm

    ceecee, they’ve come a long way I was genuinely shocked when I went in there. They’re even doing designer collabos now (Alice + Olivia has a few in there). You should check it out.

  5. September 19, 2008 9:59 am

    Dang…Cee Cee beat me too it. Love the shoes…Andre J would approve…

  6. September 19, 2008 4:14 pm

    I bought those shoes. Surprised out how comfortable they were. They are totally impractical and I even think they’re kinda ugly, but I love em.

  7. September 19, 2008 6:18 pm

    @Get Togetha – thanks!!!

    @ Bianca – Do you know someone who is a 7.5 who thinks yours are cute? If so, please let me know. =)

  8. September 21, 2008 12:17 am

    I totally love those payless versions of the BCBG shoes I just bought. I smell a return to Macys coming on!

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