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Next time, I’m wearing flats…

September 26, 2008

My boy’s group, The Uhh…, had a show last night at Little Temple.  I decided it would be cool to go with my college roll-doggie who I haven’t really hung out with since graduation.  Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to hang out with her.  She’s nuts.  LOL. Anyway, we roll out at around 10:00 with the thought that the show was going to start at 11:00.


As 11:00 came and went and the clock neared the midnight mark, I got a little anxious.  I mean, I have to go to work in the morning and I wore the most badass and HURTY (more Simpsons slang) boots in my shoe collection.  As the pain shot into my left toe and radiated to the ball of my foot, I realized that I had a decision to make: shoud I stay and support my friends, or should I go home, get in the bed, and nurse this aching foot of mine.

In the very minute we decided we were going to jump ship, they took the stage.  The show was indeed live and the guys did a great set.  How I managed to stand, gyrate, and still walk back to the car is an absolute mystery to me.

Shirt: Thrifted Vintage via Jet Rag

Jeans: Refuge

Boots: Colin Stuart

And ceecee, I’m actually 24.  LOL.  Those loans are very much in full effect.  I’m glad I look 19 still.  Sort of.  =D

Muze, here is a link to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising).  And I LOVE the Boondocks.  I need the DVDs.  Badly.

My blog’s new home is up; you should go there.

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  1. September 26, 2008 11:33 pm

    hey girl…

    those boots are pretty badass aren’t they? but they do hurt! i think cause the heel is so high. but you looked fabulous! lol.

    and what a good friend to endure the pain just for the sake of gyrating while they jammed.

  2. September 26, 2008 11:34 pm

    i have the boondocks dvds. can’t live without em. lol.

  3. September 27, 2008 11:40 am

    @muze – I ended up being the only one who stayed. LOL I couldn’t leave him with no one there.

  4. ceecee permalink
    September 29, 2008 7:56 am

    guess you’re going to be a foxy mama just like your mom 😉
    nice top!

  5. September 29, 2008 10:20 am

    That top is unique as hell…and gurl…all women have an “I effed up mah feet” with pretty shoes story…

    My god. When the feet hurt you can’t think about nothing else.

  6. September 29, 2008 5:56 pm

    @ceecee – thanks!

    @GT – I saw this out the corner of my eye at the $1 sale and I couldn’t pass it up! And I really want those shoes not to hurt. Really, I do.

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