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I Am Da Lipstick Bandit…

May 22, 2009

…of the week!!!

Peep my interview over at the OG Lipstick Bandit’s spot.  Thanks babe!!!

In other randomness, I am in the process of starting my uber-grown-up-and-official-blog with it’s own *relevant* URL (it won’t be tips and cougar love…I’m a little sad, but since I never told y’all the story behind it, it really doesn’t matter.  LOL).  Anyway, please forgive my sporadic posting.  I have a lot on my plate.  Like learning CSS and FTPs and all that ish.  Ugh.

*cue drama button*

I am crying on the inside because I got some reallyfuckincool stuff recently and haven’t gotten the opp to wear or photograph it.  On top of that, there are about a million DIY and shop ideas swimming around in my head that need birthing.  It’s going to be a LONG weekend.

My blog’s new home is up; you should go there.

Just a Reminder

May 21, 2009

[image via bleachblack]

I’ve been on Bleach Black all morning.  What the hell is wrong with me and why wasn’t I stalking them sooner?

I’m so behind, I swear.

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May 20, 2009

This week has been most irritating.  I’ll spare you the details, but know that today (the SHITTIEST by far), when I sought relief at lunch time in the form of a Marie Callendar’s chicken pot pie, it fell.  On the counter.

My one shot at happiness was lost before my very eyes.  Best believe I felt just like Sawyer when he dropped Juliet (if you’re not a Lostie, don’t worry about it…)

Let’s see if retail therapy turns my frown upside-down as usual.  I’m planning on purchasing all of these in the near future.  Get a piece.

UPDATE: Before we get to the reasons why my wallet doesn’t love me, I’ll have you all know that the half of a delicious red velvet cupcake that Duckey gave me was the only thing that kept me sane at work today.  I’m sorry I forgot to tell the world.  I am ashamed.  =(

Underground Winklepickers – I blame my mom’s accent for my love of this style of shoe…seen @ The Palace

Misha Market’s Draped Neckline Panel Dress – to feed my love for convertible clothes

Overcast Armwarmers – because my fingers are too fat for gloves my hand size

Amazing how NONE of this stuff looks summery.  Damn.  Why am I so wildly inappropriate?  I was thinking of going in on a floral bustier if I can find a cheap one on ebay, but the fact that it’s a bustier makes it inappropriate from the start.


UPDATE: add every color of this tank to the list.  Please and thank you.   Thanks for the heads up Lu!

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Oh Baby

May 20, 2009

This gets my vote for  Oh how I wish I were in Paris.  Thanks for the heads up, chauss!

Make the Girl Dance “Baby, Baby Baby”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Oh Baby“, posted with vodpod
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May 18, 2009

Who wants some Chanel No. 5? I know I do.

Something about a good and effective (and funny) commercial makes my day.  I have to sit through a whole LOT of them, so I can appreciate one that’s well done.

Others that I think kick ass:

Mow the Lawn

Take On Me

and my new favorite:

There are like 6 versions of this, but the song playing is my favorite out of the bunch.  Yes, it’s a totally random and nonsensical way to sell a car, but I like shit like that.  LOL.

You can blame this midday madness on the fact that I’m extremely off-kilter today…I think I’m gonna go to bed early.

OH, before I completely check out, go visit my lovie Caress Lepore at The Fashionist.  She interviewed your third favorite person(behind your mom and the dude that hooks you up with extra whipped cream when you order caramel lattes) and I was hella geeked to answer the questions she provided.  Seeing as how I know her from the Bocks, I knew they were going to be interesting.  w00t!!!

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DIY Time: Spinal Tap a PWT*

May 17, 2009

*plain white tee

It feels like it’s been forever since my last DIY (I don’t even remember what it was…or if I actually did one…I mean, I thought about doing one…never mind).  Jazzy sent me over this cool lil’ tutorial on making a tornado tee and I merely expanded on the idea.  What resulted was cut-out madness that resembled vertebae.  WIN.








After about half an hour, you should end up with something that looks like this:


(please note that I lost about 2 -3″ from the back of my head;  HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Summer!)

DIY Tee, thrifted jeans, UO shoes, snakelet

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Floral Fixation

May 15, 2009

Now, I probably own three things with floral print and they all (unsurprisingly)look very similar.  I really don’t like to immerse myself in anyall things flowery.  Too many bad associations with plastic covered couches, dust bunnies, and wallpaper.  However, when I see things like these ending up in my inbox, I consider changing my mind.  Something about an impactful print done in bright and unexpected colors (or on unexpected pieces) has captured my attention.

It must be spring.

Linen Vintage Sweetheart Bustier

Linen Vintage Sweetheart Dress

Thumper Floral Hi-Top Pump

[Images from and Topshop]

Oddly enough, I want the shoes the most out of these three.  I blame Susie Bubble.

And why are they called “pumps?”  The last time I heard pump in reference to a pair of sneakers, Reebok was making those basketball shoes with the basketball shaped pump on the tongue.  Remember those?  LOL

What did that pump do, anyway???

Are  you guys liking anything unexpected these days?  Let me know that I’m not the only one.  Please.  LOL.

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Dark to Light

May 14, 2009

You know…with all the tinkering in the lab, yarn shopping, sewing, crocheting, chocolate thumb (best.cookie.ever) eating, and lounging in between, I’ve completely forgotten about outfit posting.  There isn’t anything magical going on as of late, so you aren’t missing anything.  LOL.  To be fair, I’m trying to take better quality photos when I do post outfits as I am sure you all are tired of looking at my closet doors.  I know I am.  So boring.

A couple of days ago, Jaz told me that DonWill thinks that I don’t ever wear jeans and a t-shirt.  This one’s for you, sucka.

thrifted blazer, FOTL tee, Refuge jeans, Office creepers, snakelets ( get them here )

Turquoise is thoroughly rocking my world right now.  Looks good in snake form and I’m hoping it’ll look good in ling form.  I’ve also got my eyes on this little vintage turquoise bodycon number that I saw over at MP.  Sexay!

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Mid-day Head Explosion

May 14, 2009

I’m about this excited…

Little Molly Cake did theeeee sweetest thing and featured lil’ ol’ me on her blog.

I’m blushing.  Seriously.

Molls’ blog is the one that really got me on the “let me start a blog” train and to see my mug under her banner means a lot.

Thanks, girlie!!!

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A Letter to Little Me

May 13, 2009

Ok, I can’t ask you guys to do something that I don’t, so to celebrate the launch of Ask Apricot (and because I love a contest that makes me work for it) here it goes.  I got a little emo when I was doing this, but don’t get used to it…

The prompt from Apricot Tea:

If you could write a letter to your younger self, giving advice for troubles that will happen in the future, what would it look like? What would you say? Would the letter be funny, or would it be serious?

Here is the letter to myself.  I guess I was writing to the me I was in high school; impressionable, fresh-eyed, hopeful, and WAY too open to influence.  Ahh the days of youth.

Ok Li, it’s time to get vulnerable.  I know how much you absolutely loathe this (and you always will), but grit your teeth and bear it.  Doing that effectively is one of the best lessons you could ever learn.


There’s good news and bad news.  Knowing you (me?), you’d probably want the bad news first, so here it goes:

A lot can change in the blink of an eye.  A lot will change in the blink of an eye.  All those lists and intricate plans and farsighted goals and assumptions you have made over the years are about as stable as a card house on the San Andreas fault line.  Life is going to be a bit rough in patches and very rough in others, so you’re going to have to learn (NOW, preferably) how to deal.  Shutting down and brooding like you always do (and probably will do forever) isn’t really the most effective ways of handling your upset.  Learn to balance.  Learn to actually be in touch with what you are feeling.  Learn how to let that little voice inside of you actually express itself in a way that makes sense to others.  Small fits of rage do not make sense to others.  Especially when it’s over knocking a tube of toothpaste behind the sink or when you get a B on a test.  Definitely not a good look.

You know what?  You should just invest in a punching bag.  At least you’ll build up some sorely needed upper body strength and you’ll be able to pawn off anger as a work out.  It’s win-win.

Brace yourself, because this is a biggie: dad loves you and you’re more like him than you want to accept.  It’s ego and pride that keep you two at odds all the time.  Learn to let it go.   There is no shame in trying to get along with the man.  You will miss him when he’s gone.  More than you can imagine.

You have wonderful friends and family that you will need to lean on to help get you through.  Don’t be too proud to ask for help and let them when you finally break down and ask them.  You will need it.

And call both of your grandmothers.  Their influence could be life-changing if you would just talk to them more.  You can’t take back time and once the opportunity is gone, it’s gone.  Forever.  It sucks.  If nothing else, get Nama’s carrot cake, cornmeal porridge and banana fritter recipes.

Oh, and don’t expect to be rolling in stacks of cash after graduating college.  Just wanted to throw that in there.

Alright!  Enough bad news, huh?  Even though it seems like a lot to take in, know that you are a lot stronger than you think you are and a lot more sensitive than you pretend not to be.  The more you realize this, the more secure you will become in yourself.  All those years you spent agonizing over how best to fit in will be thrown to the wayside and you will finally be able to dance to the music in your own head (literally and figuratively).  Everyone will think you’re strange, but you’ll learn to like it.  Besides, they already think you’re strange now.  You might as well go hard in the paint.

There is a lot of personal growth to be experienced over the next several years, so be prepared to learn a lot, experience a lot, and to shed a lot of your beliefs.  Especially the religious ones…I don’t think you were cut out for a life based on strict rules anyway.    You’ll experience less guilt if you leave church sooner.  I’m serious.  When you do that, you’ll be able to really find out what you’re made of.  You’ll feel better, too.

You don’t have to live the life people expect you.  No one’s dreams for you will ever put money in your pocket, so don’t feel pressured to conform.  You’re a free-spirit; let that guide you.   All those people comparing you to Lynn from girlfriends really pulled your card.  LOL.

Now, as long winded as you know I (you?) am, I’ll just say a few words to wind this all up:

  • Appreciate the people in your life because you need them more than you think you do
  • Don’t be afraid to trust yourself and do your own thing without apology
  • Don’t be afraid to life life spontaneously (random trips across the country for no real reason will provide you with some pretty memorable experiences)

And all that awkward, nerdy, slovenly dressing will end someday and you will learn to love wearing heels.  And skirts.  I know, I know…it seems insane, but I’m SO serious right now.

Oh, and don’t even THINK about getting married at 23.  It’s not going to happen.  Don’t try to make it happen.  He’s fine and all, but he’s a square and it’s not worth going through all the changes trying to do the whole circle peg in a square hole thing.

Ok, I’m done now.

Loooooooooooooove you!

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